Authors must be available online during their respective sessions after their videos are played to answer Q&A from conference participants moderated by the respective Session Chairs during the actual presentation on 26 July 2021. All communication, both during the presentation and during the question and answer period, MUST be in English.

Please observe the duration of the session when preparing video files of your talks:

1. Paper presentation from the pre-recorded video = 10 minutes

2. Live Q&A = 5 minutes

Preparing Your Presentation in Powerpoint

Please use the provided template for your Powerpoint Presentation. 
Click here to download

Pre-recording Your Presentation in Zoom (Deadline to Submit: 16 July 2021)

The 2021 ICCIM Conference will be presented using the Zoom web conferencing platform. If you have never used Zoom, instructions on creating an account and basic features can be found here. In order to record your presentation, you must first download and install the Zoom client. Below you will find instructions to pre-record your presentation. The link of your recording should be sent to the Committee no later than 16 July 2021.

Zoom Recording Instructions

  1. Open Zoom. In your profile, click "Settings", then "Recordings". Be sure that Local Recordings is on.
  2. At the upper right corner, it will say “Host a Meeting”. Click on “Host a Meeting with Video”, and follow the instructions to download and run Zoom or wait for the meeting to generate.
  3. Be sure that your audio and video are both on and working. The video is required to ensure a high-quality experience for the audience.
  4. The size of the webcam will be 224x126 pixels in the upper right corner.  Once you start screen sharing, your video will move to the upper right-hand corner and may potentially cover text or images.  Please adjust your presentation accordingly.
  5. Press the “Record” button. Select “Share Screen” and begin your presentation. As a reminder, your presentation should not exceed 10 minutes. If your presentation exceeds 10 minutes, the operator may stop playing the video at the presentation session.
  6. Once you have finished your presentation, you can select “Stop Record” and then end the meeting, or simply end the meeting--which will stop the recording. It will begin to convert your video to your local system into three files: .m4a, .m3u, and .mp4 file.


Instructions For Submitting Video

Follow the instructions below to submit your presentation.

  1. Once the recording is complete, you will see three different files: .m4a, .m3u, and .mp4. You will only need to upload the .mp4 file as that file incorporates Audio, Camera, and Content Slides (PowerPoint) all in a single file.
  2. Your video title should be in the following format: Paper ID_Presenter's full name.mp4, for example: Paper 48_Arif Sandjaya.mp4
  3. Upload your video to any cloud storage, e.g., Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.
  4. Send the video link to the ICCIM 2021 committee via Google Form no longer than 16 July 2021 ( The committee only accepts video links via this form.

Please, check the accessibility of the video before submitting the form. Ensure the file can be read and downloaded by only having a link, i.e., without going through a login or other permission request.


Hints and Tips for a Successful Presentation

·          For instructions on creating a Zoom account, Click here.

·         Test your Zoom connection ahead of time, especially your audio and video

·         Ensure your microphone, headphone, or speakerphone is near you.

·         Mute your Zoom session or phone when not in use.

·         Avoid bright lights and windows behind you.

·         Good light in front of you (on your face) will provide for a better image.

·         Test any virtual backgrounds that may be utilized by you to ensure there are no video irregularities.

 Helpful Zoom Links and Tutorials

The following links and documents may be helpful as you prepare for your virtual presentation

Creating a Zoom Account
Screen Sharing
Audio/Video Testing
Screen Sharing a PowerPoint Presentation