Jakarta, Indonesia

16-17 July 2019


Jakarta, Indonesia

18 July 2019

Conference Aftermath (23 October 2019 Update)


We express our gratitude to everyone who helped and participated in ICCIM 2019 hence the conference went successfully. Now the conference authors must be waiting for the publication of the Proceedings comprising their conference paper. We are informing you that we still maintain our contact with IOP as the publisher. We, as the conference organizer, have completed our obligations and responsibilities in supplying the papers and providing their corrections.  We cannot promise when the Proceedings will be published as it is totally up to IOP now. However, usually the Proceedings are online about 5-6 months after the conference takes place. Therefore, November 2019-January 2020 might be a realistic estimate on when the Proceedings will be published.

We also have another task in publishing 10 (ten) selected papers to Journal of Engineering and Technological Science (JETS). We are also working on it, maintaning our contact with JETS as well as the reviewers.



About ICCIM 2019

The rapid advance of technology brings tremendous change and its impacts are upon every nation in the world. The fourth industrial industry will profoundly alter how things work and Civil Engineering too will advance from the current state. Stakeholders of Civil Engineering such as academicians, researchers, engineers, and policy makers must be ready to adapt and to progress in different mindsets of societies, different engineering method, different demand of infrastructures and different policies. 

Therefore, Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program of Universitas Tarumanagara will hold The First International Conference of Construction, Infrastructure, and Materials (ICCIM) to provide the international platform for  professionals of their expertise to share the information about the state of art of Civil Engineering. By having better understanding of the current state and by establishing firm collaboration with each other, Civil Engineering stakeholders will be more prepared to thrive in perpetually progressing civilization.

The theme of The First International Conference of Construction, Infrastructure, and Materials is Towards the Future of Civil Engineering Roles to Progressive Infrastructures Worldwide. The prospective participants are welcomed to submit papers with the following subjects :

• Structural Engineering;
• Construction Materials;
• Geotechnical Engineering;
• Transportation System and Engineering;
• Construction Management;
• Water Resources Engineering; and
• Infrastructure Development.

All accepted papers will be published online in Proceeding that further will be submitted to be reviewed and indexed by SCOPUS.



  Click here to download the conference poster